Freedom Fighters

Episode 1: Pilot

Starborn and Psyking had gathered in the Freedom Facility when they heard of a bank robbery taking place over their police scanner. The two took flight to the scene of the crime, The First Bank of Freedom City.

After they arrived and entered the bank, they saw a dozen members of a gang they had heard rumors of, the Bolt Boys. The Freedom Fighters began to battle with the Bolt Boys. After dispatching several members of the gang, a figure leaped atop a desk.

“The names’ ElecChet!” the figure shouted. ElecChet briefly fought with the FFs, however, he was quickly overwhelmed. However the wall of the bank leading to the vault exploded out and a man clad in yellow and blue armor with a giant gauntlet stepped from the rubble. The FFs heard the bolt boys whisper the name Thunderpunch.

The FFs battled with Thunderpunch. The fight was a close one, and while they battled most of the Bolt Boys escaped the scene. Eventually, Thunderpunch did the same and evaded the pursuit of the FFs.

Later in the day, Freedom City was attacked by a legion of Robots that seemed to have the ability to detect Metas. These robots targeted and attacked Metas across Freedom City. The Freedom Fighters fought off the robots that came after them and then set about defending the city.

The FFs rescued several people that day, including a woman and her daughter. They also rescued a young boy who was able to connect with the robots and informed the FFs of where the control signal originated Lighthouse Island.

(Psyking was also punched through a ten-story building . . . vertically)

When the FFs arrived at Lighthouse Island, they found a demon waiting for them. He introduced himself as Zebub, and after some vague remarks about culling the weak from the crop, the FFs began to fight the demon.

After the lengthy battle, Starborn delivered a powerful blast that decapitated the demon. With his demise, all of the robots across the city shut down. Fearing they had killed the demon, the FFs investigated and found it to be android they had battled with.

Wondering at the mysterious figure, the Freedom Fighters returned home.


Jexxen Jexxen

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