Chet Matthews


Chet was first a Bolt Boy. Armed with a custom made car-battery meets baseball bat hammer, he was a classic Thug with high Damage, low To Hit, and Middling Defenses.

As the samurai ElecChet, Chet wore a suit of power armor that granted him enhanced speed, strength, and durability. His most powerful move was the “ZanChetsuken” in which he moved at lighting speed and slashed through his opponent in a single blow.



Chet Matthews lived an average life before The Meteor struck Freedom City. A high school dropout, Chet worked in a factory where he assembled car doors. When Chet wasn’t working he was chasing his next thrill. A bit of an adrenaline junkie, Chet was famous for taking on any dare his co workers gave him. After a video of Chet being nearly electrocuted by a taser he had licked went viral online, Chet created his famous youtube account under the account name ElecChet. It would never reach the popularity of Chet’s initial video, but it was regularly updated with Chet’s latest rant or antics.

Meteor Day

Chet didn’t know a meteor had struck the city until two days after it happened. On Meteor Day itself Chet was sleeping off a particularly painful hangover/recuperating from a minor concussion after filming “ElecChet goes Car Surfing!” Initially Chet showed little interest in the Meteor landing and the later evolution of Metas in the population. That was until two months later when a battle between Man of Justice and an earlier version of Atomatom led to the destruction of the factory Chet worked in. Chet was left unemployed with little to no savings.

Joining the Bolt Boys

After Chet was evicted from his apartment, he slept on the streets for many nights. Eventually he heard of a gang that had been active in the area lately calling themselves the Bolt Boys. Fearing for his safety on the street, Chet did his best to avoid the members of this gang. However, inevitably, he came face to face with a group of Bolt Boys in an alley one night. They attempted to mug him. Chet was able to fight them off until a pipe across the back of his skull knocked him unconscious. When Chet awoke, he had been brought before a lieutenant in the Bolt Boy gang. The leitnate offered Chet to join up citing his impressive fighting skill and ability to take a hit. Chet, seeing a chance to start making some money, agreed.

Over the next few months Chet, under the alias ElecChet, would rise in the ranks of the Bolt Boys. Though many of the newer members of the gang respected Chet, he felt like he was the butt of a joke in the eyes of the higher ranks. It was during this time that Chet first met the leader of the Bolt Boys, Thunderpunch. Thunderpunch said he liked Chet’s style. He complimented Chet on being such a good distraction.He eventually offered Chet a chance to rise in the ranks. Chet was to lead a group of Bolt Boys in a bank robbery. Chet agreed.

Meeting the Freedom Fighters

ElecChet was a combatant at the battle of First Freedom City Bank. This fight was the debut of the Freedom Fighters to the world. After briefly skirmishing with Starborn and PsyKing, ElecChet escaped the scene amidst the chaos caused by the Freedom Fighters Battle with Thunderpunch.


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